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Mar 10, 2024

Derek Mitchell

In this podcast we learn that through math(s) we can prove that some of our long held beliefs about honeybees are wrong. Derek Mitchell researches into the heat transfer of man-made and natural honeybee nests at the School of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Leeds where he has recently completed his Phd with...

Jan 4, 2024

Beelining is an ancient craft and science of finding wild honeybee trees/nests. The pursuit is old as humankind and has gained new relevance for the conservation and rewilding of honeybees. 

In Salon 30 we bring together international practitioners of beelining  to share and explore current and innovative models of

Oct 22, 2023

Maggie Shananhan

In Salon 29. we are joined by honeybee researcher Maggie Shanahan, and author of the 2022 paper  “Honey Bees and Industrial Agriculture: What Researchers are Missing, and Why it’s a Problem” -  Link. The conclusion of that paper offers a great introduction to our conversation with Maggie in this episode of the...

Jun 25, 2023

Prof Grace McCormark

This salon features special guest  Grace McCormack. She is a Professor of Zoology at NUI Galway, Ireland. Her interests lie in evolutionary biology and particularly in using molecular data to understand how organisms are related to each other and the impacts this may have on the conservation and the evolution of...

May 9, 2023

Our special guest will be Ph.D. Benjamin Rutschman from Germany. Benjamin is a honeybee researcher who works on honeybee ecology with a special focus on colonies living in the wild, their foraging resources, and their nesting sites. He got his Ph.D. from the University of Würzburg in 2022 and is now continuing his...