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Oct 22, 2023

Maggie Shananhan

In Salon 29. we are joined by honeybee researcher Maggie Shanahan, and author of the 2022 paper  “Honey Bees and Industrial Agriculture: What Researchers are Missing, and Why it’s a Problem” -  Link. The conclusion of that paper offers a great introduction to our conversation with Maggie in this episode of the Salon:

"When honey bee researchers recognize industrial agriculture as the root cause of honey bee health issues, we open ourselves to the opportunity to collaborate meaningfully in these movements, and contribute to the future that must be built. We add our voices to the growing chorus that knows, and insists, that industrial agriculture is not the only way. It is one way. It is a way that we made. It is a thing we can change. The question is whether we open up and allow that change to happen through us, or dig in our heels until that change happens to us."

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